Pimps & Ho’s Party…………CZAR Durban

look at me , im on the picture , because im the fucken boss


Fighting Fear Premiere

this saturday in durban and sunday in cape town , Mark Matthews and Richie Vaculik will be in the country to promote there new documentry “Fighting Fear” directed by Macario De Souza who also made the “Bra Boys” its going to be killer evening , come hang and meet the boys this weekend , if the teaser is anything to go by im sure we in for a mad screening.


Billabong Presents – Stretch Your Reality…..

If you were given R50k to spend on an ultimate experience , what would you do with it ?

would you hire out a mansion and have the mad pool party ? would you take a bunch of friends and go to mozambique on a surf mission ? maybe go to Tahiti and watch the Billabong w.c.t contest from the lineup ?
or just maybe you would go on a romantic holiday with your chick to thailand ? NAH FUCK THAT

Well Billabong is giving you the chance to do just that , all you need to is buy a pair of boardies (which you were going to do anyway) that has the “stretch your reality” tag on it and follow 3 easy steps.

1. keep your receipt

2. go to www.stretchyourreality.com

3.enter your details online including your unique verification code found on the swing tag and soon you could be living your ultimate experience

WHAT I’D DO WITH THE 50K …………. ?????

go on a boat trip to indonesia with my best friends , drink beer and get barreled.

Go to Tahiti and watch the best surfers in the world free fall from massive buildings of water at the billabong wct teahupoo

Go to South America and watch the miss reef and see the most beautiful girls in the world with biggest most hottest ass’s



Ricky Basnett Breaks 1 year losing streak

for those of you who dont know , but im pretty sure you do , Ricky basnett lost every single heat in one year on the wct , WOW , i wasnt even mad i was amazed.
rickys talent has always surpassed his evil twin ” Ricky Bobby” and by what i mean there is this , everyone knows ricky can be an absolute animal and there are times when we wanna give him a slap or tell him to shut the fuck up , but we cant because 1) you wont win and 2) hes better than you.

long story short , if im correct ricky never surfed a contest last year , and the year before that he lost every single heat in a whole year , this last weekend ricky surfed a PST event down in port alfred and won the contest beating long time friend and fat guy Daniel Redman and tour veteran Greg “robocop” Emslie.

maybe Ricky should go back on tour , he works in patches , 1 year on and 1 year off.
sounds like a plan